Karagandagiproshakht & Co. staff is committed to contribute largely to the country industrialization and is authorised by the state license for all activities in designing of coal and ore mining facilities, construction materials industry, and civil and housing construction.

Our company has been acknowledged as the General Design Contractor of coal basins in Kazakhstan and Central Asia since long ago. It is important to note our staff experience in design of mines and open coal pits of the Karagandy and Ekibastuz basins, Shubarkol and Borli coal pits on the same-name coal fields, and the  "Angrenskiy" coal pit in Uzbekistan, and other facilities. More than 90 coal mines, 10 coal pits, 20 large industrial enterprises, and 39 settlements in the Karagandy, Pavlodar, Akmola and East-Kazakhstan Provinces were built in total with use of our institute designs. We have produced development master plans of 10 cities/towns including Karagandy, Ekibastuz, Saran, and many villages.

Now, we can manage any scope of design work as our company shows a sustainable growth, continuously strengthens its resource base and improves expert skills. It is the Institute engineers' expertise that enabled comprehensive design, project expert examination and construction supervision of coal facilities in compliance with international standards.

The Partnership's goals and objectives

Energy security of Kazakhstan is a strategic business line of the Partnership.

This business line is focused on provision of design documentation to coal and ore mining facilities and power sector companies for their balanced and sustainable growth, modernization of existing plants and construction of new facilities.

The basic strategic aims of the Partnership to ensure growing extraction of solid commercial minerals and power generation include:

- designing of existing plants' modernization;

- designing of construction of new mines, coal pits, ore mines, electrical substations, and transmission lines.

In order to achieve the above goals, the Partnership commits itself to introduce innovative technologies and to improve investment attractiveness while designing modernization and new construction.

Designing of coal industry facilities in Kazakhstan has been the priority activity for the Institute.

Nevertheless, the Institute Development Strategy till 2022 provides for diversification of our activities. Institute experts are capable to produce design and estimate documentation for solid mineral (ore, crushed stone, building stone, salt) mining companies, and design industrial facilities and power plants.