Karagandagiproshakht & Co. provides the whole range of design services:

  • Development schemes, feasibility calculations and studies;
  • Integrated and local projects, detailed designs for construction, reconstruction and modernization of companies with infrastructure facilities;
  • Special sections on environmental protection, health and safety, and fire safety;
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA), calculations of maximum permissible emissions and maximum permissible discharges (MPE, MPD);
  • Projects customization; and
  • Construction supervision.

Main types of design works:

1. Construction of coal mines and shafts for extraction of solid mineral resources, and reconstruction of existing ones. Equipment of shafts, subsurface mining operations, electric power supply and other types of subsurface operations.

2. Design works for open-cut mining (open cuts, ore mines) of all types of solid mineral resources (coal, ore, crushed stone, sand, salt, etc.).

3. All types of process buildings and structures on mine, shaft, open cut and ore mine sites, namely:

  • hoisting mechanisms,
  • mine yards, hot-air heating buildings,
  • air-handling units, etc.
  • warehouses for fuels and lubricants and materials, including explosives.
  • fire houses,
  • garage, car wash, etc.

4. Electric power supply, namely: 6kV, 35kV, 110kV transmission lines; cubicle-type 6-110 kV substations; lighting of sites, areas and motor roads; electrical equipment of lighting of industrial, residential and public buildings.

5. Construction and sanitary engineering works in design documentation, namely:

  • calculation and design engineering of buildings and structures of coal mines and coal pits, production sites, power supply sources (electrical substations, transmission lines),
  • design of civil facilities based on developed architectural projects,
  • water supply and sewerage structures (external networks, pump stations, water treatment plants),
  • boiler houses (new construction, reconstruction, expansion), heating networks, air heaters,
  • master plans of production sites, individual buildings and structures,
  • ventilation, air conditioning and aspiration systems of buildings and structures

6. Motor roads and railways, and associated infrastructure (lighting, landscaping, etc.).